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Cybercy: exhibition opening + performances

Join us for the opening reception of CYBERCY, featuring performances of "Pyschic Barber." 


Nearly thirty years after the Internet permeated our global consciousness, our fate as digital citizens is clearly inescapable. The intangibility of our digital idiosyncrasies begets a need to align both our avatars and our “in real life” selves. Through reflexive performance and self-fulfilling prophecy we secure our roles in a virtual condition—a cybercy.

GOCA's CYBERCY exhibition brings together an array of artists who explore the ways in which the Internet has affected how we perceive public and private spaces; how we navigate the real, the digital, and the hyperreal; and the ways we connect and interact with one another on and off line.

A collaboration between Los Angeles –based artist collective FinishingSchool and New York based artist Yucef Merh, is an interactive installation that, “conjures intimacy and transformation in a private setting situated in a public space.” Enclosed in a glass-walled structure, hairstylists who also possess a psychic gift will cut and style participant’s hair based on insights gained via the experience of a psychic reading. Originally presented as part of Side Street Projects, and then later at the Riverside Art Museum, a third installation with planned performances at GOCA moves the project into an antecedent loop of projection and performance on a national scale.

W 3F I
Denver based artists Chris Coleman and Laleh Mehran’s large scale installation is “a social movement, a philosophy, a path to responsible connectivity between our online/offline lives and to each other,” complete with a project manifesto. The W3Fi installation, which has been exhibited nationally and internationally, is reimagined for each iteration, making it at once site specific and archival—a tangible model of the Internet. W3FI will undergo a significant update

A short film directed by Alli Coates which documents Cyber-feminist performance artist Signe Pierce as she struts down a busy street in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The unscripted social experiment resulted in a “heart wrenching technicolor spectacle,” a cinematic critique of gender stereotypes, mob mentality, and how suggestions can quickly become truths.

Friday, May 5, 2017 at 5:00pm to 9:00pm
This is a past event.

GOCA 121 (Downtown Gallery of Contemporary Art)
121 S. Tejon, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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