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Thursday, March 8

Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

This seminar track is the second out of four tracks within the Multi-Generational Professional Seminar Series, brought to you by the UCCS College of...

Floyd D. Tunson: Janus

Floyd D. Tunson declares in his artist statement: "I have become a Janus." Depicted with two faces - one looking to the future and one to the past - Janus...


Two Colorado-based artists exploring Minimalism across media, including solo works and a collaboration. Jonathan Dankenbring works in series that employ a...

Up! There's an Adventure Out There.

A great adventure starts with a money jar. Learn to build a travel budget like Carl and Ellie.

Heller Center Fellow Lecture: Reading and Writing the Land

UPCOMING EVENT AT THE HELLER CENTER: THURSDAY, MARCH 8 * 5:30-7:00PM Please join us for the Heller Center Fellow Lecture with JONI PALMER, MLA, PhD (ASLA,...

Intercultural Awareness Event Featuring Africa!

Come learn about another culture with your peers at UCCS! Eat free food inspired by African regions and watch drumming and poetry performances from the...

Artist Talk: Alison O'Daniel

Combining film, performance, sculpture, and installation, Alison O'Daniel's work is structured as a call-and-response between mediums. Cinema, performance,...

Intramural Spelling Bee

Come participate in our Intramural Spelling Bee, more details: imleagues.com/uccs

Thursday, March 8