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Thursday, April 12

Thriving as a Millennial in the Workforce

This seminar track is the third out of four tracks within the Multi-Generational Professional Seminar Series, brought to you by the UCCS College of Business,...

Abroad 101 Session

Learn more about studying abroad and how to apply for programs by attending our Abroad 101 Sessions!

Floyd D. Tunson: Janus

Floyd D. Tunson declares in his artist statement: "I have become a Janus." Depicted with two faces - one looking to the future and one to the past - Janus...

 iWorkshop - OPT Application Workshop

Join this Global Engagement Office iWorkshop event to learn about requirements and opportunities for OPT.

ROC & RHA present Voiceless

Join Respect on Campus & Residence Hall Association for a screening of the Voicelss film, which is about a panel of male survivors.

2 Fast 2 Broke

Fuel up on your knowledge on how to budget for buying and owning a car.

Student Night at Peer Gynt

Come on out and enjoy a free show at the Ent Center for Preforming Arts! Peer Gynt is student run performance that has Nordic fantasy theme. The program...

Dodgeball Tournament

Come participate in our Intramural Dodgeball Tournament details can be found on imleagues.com/uccs

"An Outrage" Documentary film about lynching in the South with the filmmakers

Filmed on-location at lynching sites in six states and bolstered by the memories and perspectives of descendants, activists, and scholars, this unusual...

Jordan Frazier - Senior Recital

Please join composer and sound designer Jordan Frazier as he performs his Senior Recital in the Chapman Foundations Recital Hall! Also known as DJ RAZ3R,...

UCCS Student Show: Peer Gynt

by Henrik Ibsen directed by Kevin Landis Ibsen’s classic tale of the boy who would never grow up is nothing short of epic. From the fjords of Norway to the...

Thursday, April 12