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GLINT Talks Series "Spatial Clustering for Neighborhood Boundary Detection"

Join us for our final GLINT Talks series presentation of the year!

Professor Diep Dao will give a presentation entitled “Spatial Clustering for Neighborhood Boundary Detection”. 

Presentation Details:

In spatial and urban sciences, it is customary to partition study areas into sub-areas --so-called regions, zones, neighborhoods, or communities-- to carry out analyses of the spatial patterns and processes of socio-spatial phenomena.

The purposeful delineation of these sub-areas is critical because of the potential biases associated with Modifiable Area Unit Problem (MAUP) and Undefined Geographic Context Problem (UGCoP). If one agrees to characterize these sub-areas based on their homogeneity on a certain attribute, these homogeneous areas (patches) can be detected by data-driven algorithms. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of five popular spatial clustering and regionalization algorithms (AZP, ARISeL, max-p-regions, AMOEBA, and SOM) for detecting attribute-based homogeneous patches of different sizes, different shapes, and different homogeneous values.

The evaluation follows a quasi-experimental approach; it is based on sixty-eight simulated datasets where the true distribution of patches is known and focuses purely on the capability of algorithms to successfully detect patches rather than computational costs. It is the most comprehensive assessment to-date, thanks to a systematic control of various conditions so that a true baseline is available for comparison purposes.


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11:30-12:15 PM Visioning Sessions
Be part of a networking think-tank—promote collaboration and entrepreneurship for newly emerging themes related to global intercultural research


12:15-1:30 PM Visionary Speakers
GLINT’s Brown Bag series continues—join us to discover current areas of strength at UCCS, as well as areas in which we anticipate the most intense productivity and growth over the next five years; Affiliates and Friends of GLINT discuss their intercultural work in varied overlapping and reinforcing areas

Wednesday, May 2 at 11:30am to 1:30pm
This is a past event.

Academic Office Building, 301
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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