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Heller Center for Arts & Humanities

The Heller Center is located just east of North Nevada Avenue on North Campus Heights. For specific directions to the Heller Center, visit http://www.uccs.edu/heller/contact-and-map.html, or see building "HMAH" on the campus map at www.uccs.edu/map.

1250 North Campus Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80918







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Natasa Cyrus

Natasa Cyrus left a positive review 12/14/2018

It was such an amazing experience, we all were waiting for this opportunity for such a long, our entire team of www.jaipur4fun.com is a big fan of Larry Heller's Classic 1950 MG and thank you so much to UCCS for inviting us to the event.

Shelby Shively

Shelby Shively left a positive review 7/12/2018

This was a lot of fun and a great activity! I wish it occurred more frequently and at various points in the year, including winter! It would be great to look at other planets and stars that are visible at other points in the year!

Heller Events

Heller Events posted a photo 11/29/2017

Irvn Rynning

Irvn Rynning left a positive review 10/17/2014

A wonderful aura of vision, and I admit I did not catch every twist of a phrase, for once enmeshed I found my own vision calling

Heller Center for Arts & Humanities

Heller Center for Arts & Humanities posted a photo 9/9/2013